InSilicoLab is a framework for building application portals also called Science Gateways. The goal of the framework development is to create gateways that, on one hand, expose the power of large distributed computing infrastructures to scientists, and, on the other, allow the users to conduct in silico experiments in a way that resembles their usual work. The scientists using such a gateway can treat it as a workspace that organizes their data and allows for complex computations in a way specific to their domain of science. 

Every gateway based on the InSilicoLab framework is tailored to a specific domain of science, or even to a class of problems in that domain. The core of the framework provides mechanisms for managing the users’ data – categorizing it, describing with metadata and tracking its origin – as well as for running computations on distributed computing infrastructures. Every InSilicoLab gateway instance is built based on the core components, but is provided with data models, analysis scenarios and interface specific to the actual domain it is created for. Read more...

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