IS-EPOS Platform

The Induced Seismicity Thematic Core Service is an InSilicoLab-based gateway built within the IS-EPOS project. The portal creates a digital research space for induced seismicity that is meant to improve the research efficiency by facilitating instantaneous access to data, results, interpretations and methodologies via provision of high quality internet services and tools.


Episodes list - episodes browser that contains described episodes with metadata and events map visualisation.


Episode catalog details - interactive panel with 3-D events distribution chart, magnitude histogram chart and distribution in time chart. This panel contains list of events data. Each data could be compared and ploted.


Interactive episodes map - shows episode events and stations. Provides drawing tools that allow to choose only particular events.


Stationary seismic hazard - the purpose of the "Estimation of parameters of stationary seismic hazard" use case is to evaluate seismic hazard parameters: the activity rate, the Gutenberg-Richter b-value, the return period, the maximum credible magnitude and the exceedance probability of a prescribed magnitude for a selected seismically active time-space. The estimation is performed in a prescribed time-space window i.e. it takes into account events that occurred in such a window. The window is specified by a time interval, a horizontal rectangle and a depth interval.


Magnitude completeness estimation - compute the completeness level for the selected catalog data. Allow to plot:

  • Number of events vs magnitude bins
  • Residuals and power laws vs Magnitude bins
  • b-value of GW law vs Magnitude bins


Waveform analysis - automatic spectral parameters (corner frequency and spectral level) determination.