From the users' perspective, InSilicoLab organises their work in a way specific to their domain of science.
On the other hand, the portal talks to resources of e-Infrastructures - enabling the users to perform powerful and time-consuming computations, and use large storage space provided by the infrastructures.

Features facilitating configuration of computations on e-Infrastructures

  • Grid certificates support and management - a user needs only a Grid certificate to access the portal
  • Proxy generation - a proxy certificate for all accessible e-Infrastructures can be generated directly from the portal or uploaded to it. The generated proxy enables job submission and LFC directory management.
  • LFC Catalogue management - enables browsing and modification of the files stored on Storage Elements and registered in the catalogue.
  • Computation parameters - as the QC computations are sent to an e-Infrastructure, assuring shorter computation time and enabling large data transfers, the portal allows the user to optimize the computation time and resource consumption by specifying resource-specific parameters:
    • Number of CPUs per job - each computation would be able to take advantage of the specified number of CPUs.
    • Number of collocated CPU cores - ensures the requested number of CPU cores are on one machine - enabling faster communication between application processes.
    • Result replication - creating spare copies of the result files.
  • Integration with different middlewares: DIRAC and gLite.